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About Us

We are "XtelWeb", a digital agency which will aptly provide you with the perfect solution you require in achieving, optimizing and creating digital solutions that reflects your business objectives and goals in a precise manner to your clients. Employing the best of the creative minds and merging them with sharp business acumen, we at XtelWeb are quick to adapt to the shifting sands of times to benefit our clients. So tracking trends to interpreting commerce, we help you build a digital platform that can help your business to go global.   

Adapting to and understanding today’s business dynamics is more than a practice.  It is a religion. This support helps in achieving your business targets and also to win a favorable return on investments for your investors.

We have completed and delivered more than 500 web based projects in a span of two years.

XtelWeb can facilitate you in:

Web Designing and Developing -“Cast a web spell” 

It is our constant Endeavour at XtelWeb that we design the perfect website to suit the profile of your business.   Merging both creative with commerce, we strive to empower your business online, right from conceptualization to execution.  We ensure that your search capabilities and web viewing is optimized across all internet connections.  With our experience in designing websites, we are focused to have our client in the mainlines of the online space.

Striving to go the extra mile to meet the client’s expectations with customer satisfaction, our effort is to get your website the cross-browser compatibility and make it search engine user friendly.  Giving our clients the best of the innovative minds in terms of copy writers, web designers, optimizers, we maintain a fresh approach and customized solutions to our clients.  A 360-degree solution through innovation at unbelievable prices is our promise.

Content Writing

XtelWeb recognizes the importance of giving information in any communication.  Your business enterprise must be able to communicate all its information in a uninterrupted and continuous manner over the internet through your websites.
Keeping this requirement in mind, we provide content management systems, which will allow your enterprise to update or add new content to your website on a regular basis. Our web content management system is a way to automate content gathering and increase content delivery.

Content Management System (CMS)

 is a utility which is used to control the content of a dynamic website. Under CMS  we include creation, publishing, organizing and maintaining of any and all content on the website. Such content management services also distinguish between content, visual and page structure catering to all types of page from simple to complex. Thus structural designs can be changed regularly without affecting content and visual or design.  
So, Spin a yarn and win the buck!! 

Social Media Marketing and Optimizing

Desire to increase your presence on the social media and be “The Face that Tweets”... 
Today on social networks, people are indulging in constant sharing than ever before.  So to be in the centre of this social buzz will pay off more than any advertising can.   Social media marketing and optimization are thus indispensible tools in the marketing battlefield.   A force to reckon with, the impact of social media through blogs, professional networks, forums, online communities and video and websites sharing is  global and absolute doing wonders for your brand and Return on investment.

It also helps in bringing you closer to your target audience through interactive activity like debates and exchange of your customer’s opinions, assists in sustaining brand image, and also to communicate directly to influencers of your brand. Driving a good traffic to your website and boosting link popularity is what we excel in.

XtelWeb is among the leading social media marketing agencies with skilled expertise to assist you in forum marketing, blogging, increasing brand awareness in the social networks, tracking and maintaining business with regular updates and feedbacks.

Analysis & Optimization:

No media campaign can be successful without constant analysis, tracking and optimizing of your marketing strategy. We use a combination of in-house and external monitoring, ad-serving technology to analyze value addition to your brand.

Research indicates that over 80% of search engine visitors click on natural results on a search engine.

A optimized search engine position is a competitive advantage for any brand. It helps generate ways for the consumers to learn more about you without having to dig deep.

XtelWeb also provides Search Engine Marketing Optimization.   We regularly track search engine algorithm changes and devise ways to implement them in our marketing mix for brands.  We have an all- integrated, cross-channel and transparent approach towards such affordable services ie SEO and SEM services.  We can assure a visible presence for your brand on top ranking search engines.

Our SEO & SEM Services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • SEO consulting
  • Pay Per Click Service (PPC)
  • PPC Management

 At “XtelWeb” we believe that the digital times have come to stay.  And it is in the best interest of our clients that we exploit this excellent technique of today’s world saying :
 “Go Viral, Go Everywhere”